Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Top 10 from the Wedding Weekend

My brother (and amazing new sister!) got married just over a week ago. We were down in Florida for about a week for all nuptial-related events and we definitely stayed busy. The week stretched the boundaries of crazy (and my family isn't exactly known for being boring!), but you can never go wrong with a wedding. ♥

Top moments (and photos) from the weekend...

10. The bachelorette dinner. Because there's nothing like watching someone who has never drank before have two or three white russians. (Be warned: there may be a video somewhere of you rapping in the car on the way home, Kristi.)

9. 'Friends' themed bridal shower ("The One Where Kristi Gets Married"). I loved the themed food (Rachel's trifle was particularly delicious). Guess who knows way too much about the show and won the trivia contest? This girl.

8. Cousin love. Brayden adores his cousins -- especially the newlyweds' daughter. He followed her everywhere and she happily humored him - singing songs, dancing and playing with him to his heart's content. (Several times this week, he's asked me to go play with her or sang songs that she was singing with him) Meanwhile, Elissa was learning new tricks from her other cousins and getting a pedicure from her Auntie. ♥

7. Pool time. It was Florida, after all. Unfortunately, packing bathing suits was an oversight (I honestly didn't think we'd have any time to fit in swimming) so Daddy bought an overpriced pair of resort trunks and the lady at the shop gave Brayden the smallest pair of shorts they had -- which were probably still three years too big on him. Regardless, the guys and little ones had a blast.

6. Morning salon time. Kristi's uncle owns an amazing hair salon, which he closed for the day so we could all get pampered. It was AMAZING. Not only did the stylists do a fantastic job, but Kristi's uncles spoiled us rotten with all the food and Kristi lavished us with wonderful bridesmaids gifts (love my embroidered robe!).

5. Finishing the cake. Note that I did not say making a cake. Making a wedding cake while my husband is still in Virginia and my kids need constant attention (and everyone is running around doing wedding-related things) was no... well, piece of cake. ;) But finishing it sure felt good.

4. The catastrophe. Every wedding has one - at least on some scale. This one? Less than an hour before the ceremony and my sister's already shoddy zipper completely breaks -- in an non-repairable way. Thankfully my mom was around to sew her into the dress. (I think the groomsmen were a bit disappointed that my mom is such a good seamstress and that it held up)

3. My walk down the aisle. I have the most amazing hubby and kids ever. As I was walking down the aisle, I saw my family in one of the back rows. The second Brayden saw me, the biggest, sweetest smile in the world spread across his face. It was pure joy and it made my heart melt. My little girl sees me and starts giggling and then I hear my hubby saying to Brayden "look at how pretty Mommy is! She's so beautiful..." Once I'm finally standing in a neat row with the other bridesmaids, I hear my son echo "Mommy is pretty!" from the back. ♥

2. Baseball tennis. Leave it to my hubby to come up with an event that the entire family joins in on. It started when Brayden wanted to play tennis with Daddy (since my family has random rackets in the garage and he spotted them, it was only a natural request). Daddy starts pitching to him and helping him hit the ball as if he were playing baseball. The other cousins join in. Then my parents go out to watch. Then my siblings. Soon, everyone is taking turns pitching to all the cousins and having a blast.

1. The wedding, of course! Not only was the ceremony truly touching, but the celebration was exactly what you'd expect from our families and friends. Perhaps a bit unexpectedly, Brayden stole some of the spotlight at the reception with his hilarious dance moves. The blurry pictures below are some of the many girls who were dancing with him. At several points, they even made a circle around him! I don't know that I've ever seen that kid so out of breath and happy. He had an absolute blast.

And finally, a few more of my favorite photos from the weekend... with an end picture that accurately describes exactly how I felt at the end of the week. ;)

For the record, Brayden has never been so utterly exhausted that he fell asleep in the car, didn't wake up when I took him out and didn't wake up when I put him on the couch. That's how you know it was a good party. ;)

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