Thursday, March 12, 2015

Graham Cracker Snow Day

We've had a lot of snow days recently. And when you have snow days, you need to fill the time with two (super) little ones not old enough to play in the snow for more than a short amount of time.

Most recently, we spent the morning making graham crackers. Lauren scoffed at the idea, telling me that sometimes homemade things are more trouble than they're worth (and often don't live up to packaged equivalents). But when he came downstairs while they were in the oven, he kept raving about how good they smelled. And when they were done, he joined Brayden's impatience in waiting for them to cool. ;)

The snow day was a success, not just because we made delicious (non-processed) yummies, but also because the kids had a blast helping out. ♥

(Link to the recipe follows the pictures)

Maybe just a taste...

Picking out the cookie cutters

... and rolling out the dough

Elissa did not want to stop punching out cookie shapes ;)

Ducks in a row ;)

Brayden's special airplane graham cracker (minus the cockpit)

The recipe I worked off of was from Weelicious. I changed a few things and would recommend decreasing the cook time by a couple of minutes (they'll still be nice and crunchy, don't worry!)

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