Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My First Cake Show

I've only been decorating cakes for about six months... but I wouldn't be me if my chronic overachieving tendencies didn't lead me to enter the National Cake Show. The cake I made was this gigantor...

My almost finished cake (I ended up adding a lip around the top of the record player and painting a fondant covered square with food coloring to look like the Casablanca vinyl sleeve)

The theme for this year's wedding cake contest was "Sing Me a Love Song" - you had to make a wedding cake (at least three tiers) inspired by a love song of your choice. I chose the song from Casablanca "As Time Goes By" and depicted the way love songs (and all music) have changed over the years. My concept was really about timelessness - things that are part of society and life even though time might change them in certain ways. 

I definitely didn't win anything (some of the other cakes there were just insane), but I received great feedback from the judges. I half-expected them to point out every mistake I made on the cake, but they were actually pretty awesome. They really liked my cake (and concept), told me the things I did especially well (they loved the cutout speakers on the bottom and the figures on top) and a few places where I could improve (adding different techniques mostly). 

It was super amazing seeing other people's reaction to my cake. There was almost always a group of people looking at my cake and commenting on it. I loved eavesdropping on them and listening to everything they said. :) Surprisingly, it made that whole week of staying up until 2-5 in the morning worth it. 

The other benefit of the show was getting to see all the amazing techniques other cake artists used. Since I've never taken any formal decorating classes, almost all of it was new to me (and much of it I had never even heard of before!) There was even this insane technique using royal icing where you drape it in one direction, let it dry, flip the cake over and do it in the other direction. So insane. 

Participating in the show was outstanding. I'm super excited to do it again next year and work towards a divisional award. :)

A few of the crazier cakes. The one on the left won first place in the non-professional division. Thankfully, not all of the other cakes were this insane (otherwise I would have been pretty embarrassed by my showing! Lol)

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