Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sweetness Overload

Elissa at one...

... doesn't just walk everywhere -- she runs, climbs and dances her way around the world

... is very independent and curious (and thus, uses the skills above to their full extent)

... when she gets upset, she flaps her arms up and down like a bird trying to take flight

... when she gets excited, she kicks her feet in and out like she's trying to do air squats as fast as she can

... spends approximately 93 percent of her time smiling or laughing

... is learning her colors

... points to things she wants (or wants you to see)

... is daddy's groupie when he's playing guitar

... loves books

... will dive into your lap, lay on her back and look up at you with a smile when she wants to be tickled (and will do it repeatedly until someone grows weary of the game)

... flirts with strangers -- and does a really good job

... finally broke the 20 pound mark last week -- by just one ounce

... follows directions quite well (we've been told she has super-advanced receptive language skills!)

... gives you this innocent and hilarious 'oh-am-i-doing-something-wrong' smile when you catch her in the act

... is a meat and vegetables kind of girl

... is way too charming for her parents' good

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