Friday, March 6, 2015

Toddler Moments

Brayden is at that age where one minute he is making your heart melt and the next he's making you want to pull your hair out. Thankfully, the former come way more often than the latter and stick with us a lot longer. Some recent gems that have made us laugh, smile and just say "awww..."

♥ Walking around with a ruler and holding it up to everything. He gets up to me, puts it against my leg and says, "Yep. You're seven months old Mommy."

♥ Hilariously professing, "I have a wiener. And Daddy has a wiener. But you and Sa-Sa Bean have baginas."

♥ Beating me to the punchline when I was trying to get the two little ones upstairs. He looks at me and says "Come on you crazy children. Let's go," then runs up the stairs giggling.

♥ Correcting me while making graham crackers together on yesterday's snow day. We were cutting ducks out of the dough and Brayden asked me where to put them. I pointed to the line of ducks on the cookie sheet and said "they do say to have your ducks in a row" and Brayden quickly responded with, "No, Mama. They say quack."

♥ Randomly asking Daddy while driving, "Daddy, do you have a song in your heart?"

♥ Deciding that in front of the pre-teen neighbor kids was a good time for a realization. He ran up the stairs shouting "I love boobies!" (Looking at you, dear hubby)

♥ After climbing on me and accidentally making me fall into a table, Brayden saw I was hurt. He comes over and says, "It's okay Mama," and starts stroking my hair and singing to me (the ABC song). After he finished the song, he looks at me and asks "Do you want a different song?" A girl can't say no to that, so he proceeded to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to me before ending with a kiss and saying "Are you happy again, Mama?" How could I not be?

This is what Brayden considers a "handstand" ♥

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