Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Little Miss Sassy Sunshine

In a nutshell, that's my little one.

With each passing month, she seems to grow both sassier and sweeter. Her personality is comprised mainly of two characteristics that are seemingly on opposite ends of a personality scale. And I think it is contradiction itself that has become one of her identifying factors:

She's small but she's mighty. She's sweet but she's spicy. She's little but man is she fierce. She wears dresses and bows but can outrun and out-climb most two-year-olds. She is quiet but insanely determined and stubborn. She hugged Daddy so tight (and for so long) yesterday when he came back into town... and then she protested so adamantly (and with quite a bit of kicking and screaming) when I wouldn't read her another story before naptime.

Elissa is hilarious. I love the dynamic nature of her personality. She just refuses to be confined into one box.

I also adore watching how her personality manifests itself. I love seeing her kindness come out when Brayden starts crying and she brings him his lovey or a cup of water (or attempts to give him hugs). I love watching her study older kids on the playground and then resolutely set out to accomplish the same feat - no matter how difficult. I love seeing her determination with whatever task she's attempting. Her stubbornness and sass may drive me bonkers from time to time, but I love her for it.

She is hilarious, sweet, stubborn and strong. She's kindhearted, determined and opinionated. Daddy calls her a "firecracker" for good reason. And come on - who doesn't love fireworks?

The following video was from this weekend, when I put a pair of squeaky shoes on Elissa and set her down in the kitchen. After the initial shock of the shoes, I couldn't keep her still. The laps went on for another 8-10 minutes. :)

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