Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New House!

Moving has proved to be much more time consuming than I gave it credit for. Everything seems to take three times longer than I think it should (which means I'm still waist-high in boxes). Despite the chaos of putting together a new house, we're off to an amazing start in our new home.

Some highlights from the first week:

1. Knowing you've been in the city too long.
Lauren's dazed reaction the morning after our first night here.
Lauren: "What is that beeping??? Do you hear that beeping? Is there an alarm going off?"
Krystin: "Those are birds, sweetie."

2. The kids having their own outdoor space. 
I know Brayden loves the outdoors. But Elissa? She's taken it to a whole new level. She would live outside if she could (and I think we're moving in that direction). Every morning, she runs right to the patio door saying "Side! Side!" (Outside). When it's time to come in - even if we've been outside for the entire day - she protests. And then runs right to the front door saying "Side! Side!"

The accessory overload is all Elissa. She added the hat ... and the bow.

3. The wildlife.
We very quickly realized that there's a family of deer living in our backyard (a Mommy with two babies). Coming from an urban area, this was amazing for us. The kids love looking out the window and seeing deer in our backyard. (The deer also spy on my little ones while they're playing on their swingset) We've seen a large variety of wildlife here already, so when Brayden saw a house cat on the street during our jog yesterday, he said "Oooooh! Mom - look!  A cheetah!"

4. Renovations.
Yep, they can time-consuming (and costly), but we're really enjoying making this house into our home. I'll post projects as they're finished, but our hands down favorite so far is the stair/floor combo. When we arrived, the wood floors were a dull gray color. We spruced them up with a different color and changed the stairs to something I had in mind that was a bit more modern. Add a different color paint to the walls and the atmosphere is entirely different. We adore it! :)

There's still a giant list of things that need to be done, but even with the house un-put-together, we're having a blast here.

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