Wednesday, October 28, 2015

15 Weeks!

Sweet baby number three is nearly four months along now. ♥

The baby certainly wasn't shy about making his or her presence known. The morning sickness was so bad in the early months that I half-joked with Lauren that I must be having twins (who gave me much more than just a horrified look in response). Since then, the doctor granted Lauren much relief by verifying that there's only one little peanut in there. I'm finally over all the nausea and feeling good enough for regular runs and yoga again (hooray!).

My munchkins have been pretty humorous about everything so far. They just adore interacting with the baby. Elissa will put her head on my belly, and say "hug baby!" again and again. Occasionally, though, when we ask her where the baby is, she'll point to herself (or her own belly). ;)

Meanwhile, Brayden loves chatting the little one up (about anything and everything) and making predictions as to the gender. It started with him putting his eye up to my belly button and saying "Yep! It's a girl, Mama. I can see her!" Then, for a while, he was on a baby brother kick. Last week, he told me it was girl because "she swims fast and girls swim fast." This week, he's back to predicting a boy. Brayden also quite enjoys giving the baby things. He'll shove food in my mouth and tell me "give this to the baby!" It's pretty adorable, really.

All is well in the pregnancy world so far! ♥

(Pardon the tardiness of the picture below; I haven't gotten around to a new one yet!)

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