Friday, May 13, 2016

One Month!

My little man-cub is already a month old!

Having three under four has been interesting to say the least. Possibly the most interesting thing is that the newborn has been the easiest one around here lately (gotta love those terrible twos!).

Landon is a sweet, snuggly and laid-back little heart-breaker. He's pretty content, doesn't cry too much and is truly happiest when he's cuddling with Mommy (be still my heart!). I just adore how - as long as I'm giving him proper attention - he's blissfully happy.

Although I'm in the number one BFF spot, big brother is number two. Landon has taken pretty well to Brayden; he throws a lot of smiles at him and is really comfortable around him. And Brayden? He absolutely adores Landon. He is constantly trying to hug, kiss and otherwise play with the munchkin (always professing "I just want to give him love Mommy!"). Brayden lives for Landon's awake time - when he can finally settle next to him on the floor and hold his hand, look at books or just relax with him. Watching the two of them always gives me those special moments when I really realize how lucky I am. (Then I realize Elissa is no where to be found and find her thigh-high in mischief... lol)

As for the physical aspect of my sweet peanut, he's growing insanely fast, At his one month appointment, he weighed in at 8 pounds, 3 oz. It's crazy to think that's the size Brayden was born at! Landon is already starting to outgrow his newborn clothes and I definitely notice him filling out a bit. He eats like a champ (no surprise considering his weight gain) and hit his 6-week growth spurt a wee bit early.

Overall, the transition has been wonderful so far. Landon is insanely sweet and happy - something I just relish. The crazy level in the house might be higher than usual, but so are the smiles and laughter. A more than worthwhile trade off in my opinion. ♥

My three kids at one month of age. ♥

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